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Volumes of Possibilities

Your hair is an extension of yourself. Whether it's having a fun night on the town, partying it up at a concert or attending a classy event, bring out the best in your hair. For all of life's occasions, the JATAI Teasing Pin comb takes your hair to the next level!

Teasing Pin Comb PRO

Teasing Pin Comb Pro

  • 100% Japanese Stainless Steel Pins

    High quality pins make for a high quality tool. It will last you a lifetime. 

  • Sectioning Tail

    The sectioning tail is a great feature as it allows you to section and tease with the same tool! 

  • Balayage & Color Melting

    Aside from teasing, it can also be used for balayage and color melting! 

FAQ - Teasing Pin Comb PRO

What is the comb useful for?

It's perfect for teasing, backcombing and detangling! Can also be used for balayage and color melting. 

Why is this comb better than others for teasing?

The unique pin structure allows for easy high volume teasing. And the coated pins don't break the hairs. The high quality nature of the comb means it can take some wear and tear. And the sectioning tail allows you to use just one tool for all of your teasing needs!

Can the comb be sanitized?

Yes. It is rust and chemical resistant.

Where can I purchase the comb?

At the moment, it can only be purchased from Jatai online. We are in the process of getting it into larger stores. The more desired it is to the market, the easier it is to get into stores. So please talk about it with your friends, family and co-workers if you like it! 

Your Fingers Matter

Don't you hate it when you accidentally burn yourself using hot beauty tools? 

Heat Shields minimize burn injuries when using wands, curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and more! 

Heat Shield

About Heat shields

  • Can Handle 450 Degrees F

    Hot beauty tools continue to get hotter and hotter. Heat Shields by Jatai can withstand these increasing temperatures. In fact, they can handle 450 degree F! Being able to touch the tool with the shields on, allow you to curl your hair to the very tips.

  • No More Gloves

    Gloves are cumbersome and uncomfortable. They don't fit well and are often made of thin material. Heat Shields by Jatai are durable, made of high quality material for real protection, and give flexible freedom of the fingers.

  • Made With YOU in Mind

    Heat Shields by Jatai come in two sizes - S/M and M/L. They are latex-free, machine washable and have sewn finger tips for added protection. They stretch and stay snug all day!

FAQ - Heat Shield

How do I know what size I am?

Measure the width of your thumb. If it's 2cm (3/4") or below, you are a S/M. If it's greater than 2cm (3/4"), you are a M/L.

Can I wear them on any finger?

Yes, the set includes 1 thumb and 2 finger shields. You can interchange the shields and wear them on different fingers if you'd like. 

How do I know if I'm wearing them correctly?

Make sure the thicker, more 'rubber' side is on the palm side and the logo facing the back side of the hand. 

Why are these better than other protectors on then market?

Jatai Heat Shields are unique and high quality. Other products on the market are more cheaply made and don't provide adequate protection. Their material is thin and doesn't absorb enough heat. Most are also in the form of a glove which restrict your hands from movement and usually come as 'one size fits all.' Jatai Heat Shields are durable and help keep your fingers safe from unnecessary burns. They provide flexible freedom of the fingers for maximum control and can handle 450 degree F temperatures! They come in 2 sizes for your comfort.