How to Determine What Kind of Protection You Need -Finger Guards or Gloves?

If you've looked at the vast array of finger guards and gloves on the market you would see there are a variety of different sizes, lengths, shapes, materials and uses for these finger guards. Finger guards and gloves can be used for handling so many different potentially dangerous objects. For example, some are best used for protecting against chemicals or guarding against getting cut by sharp objects. Other guards simply give you better grip on something or protect you from the cold. And some guards are meant to protect from hot appliances. Depending on what you are trying to protect will determine what kind of finger guard or glove you should choose. 

If you are overwhelmed with the choices out there and don't know how to choose, just ask yourself these simple questions.  

1) Is a glove or finger guard better for what I need to do?  

2) What are you protecting your fingers or hands from? 

3) Which makes the most sense for my needs?

Let's take a look at question 1.

Is a glove or finger guard better for what I need to do? In order to answer this question, you need to know how much flexibility you need in your fingers and hands to do the work you're trying to do. If you don't have much flexibility, is it going to make your work harder? If it's important to maintain optimal flexibility of the fingers, it may be better to opt for finger protectors so you can still have the flexibility of the rest of the hand. 

Also, ask yourself what happens if you don't protect the rest of your hand? Will you still be protected? If you can still do the work that needs to be done and still feel protected with just finger guards, then finger protectors may be the way to go. They are less restrictive. However, if what you are doing requires you to protect the full hand then a glove is probably better. 

The next question is...

What are you protecting your fingers and hands from? Are you trying to protect them from heat, chemicals, sharp objects or from getting dirty? If you are trying to protect your fingers or hands from chemicals you will want a guard that is not porous. You don't want chemicals to seep through or absorb through the material. In this instance, the material should be made of plastic, rubber or silicone. 

 If you are trying to protect your fingers and hands from sharp objects, you will want protectors that are made of thicker or harder material. You don't want the sharpness of the object to penetrate through to your fingers and hands. Thicker material could be metal, leather or thick neoprene depending on how sharp these objects are.


rubber gloves - hand protectors

If you are trying to protect your fingers from getting dirty, you can use a variety of materials. As long as the material allows you to do the work, pretty much any material will do because in this case you are just looking to create a barrier between the fingers and the outside world. 

Protecting your fingers from burns with guards is a smart safety precaution. We all use hot tools and appliances that pose potential danger to our skin. From sautering tools to curling irons finger protectors can help us get the job done without pain and injury. If you want to guard your fingers from heat, you will want guards made of heat resistant material such as neoprene, leather or very thick material that can absorb the heat. However, you don't want the material to be too thick because otherwise your fingers and hands will be restricted and you won't be able to do detailed work with them on. 

Sometimes you want to protect your fingers and hands from more than one thing. Perhaps you want to protect from dirtiness and sharp objects. In this instance, whatever you use to protect from sharp objects will also shield from getting your hands or fingers dirty.  

Lastly, what makes sense for your needs? It's decision time. Based on the above information, this will help you decipher which finger guard or glove is best for you. 

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