Have you ever seen pictures of beautiful, voluminous hair? Those, my friend, are images of teased hair. Teasing hair is basically a way of giving your natural hair extra lift and oomph to visually appear like you have more hair than you actually do. Teasing hair also allows you to create different effects or illusions to hair to create specific looks. For example, teasing combs can be used to give a pomp which is a concentration of volumized hair only at the top of the head. 

Teasing hair to create specific looks takes some practice and experimentation but once you get the hang of it, you can create some pretty awesome looks. Are you excited now? 

Awesome! Because if you don't know how to tease hair this is the place to learn. Here are the steps to how to tease hair. Yes, there are steps, but they are easy steps and once you learn them, all you have to do is rinse and repeat. 

How to Tease Hair

1) The Hair Section

First take a small section of hair. You don't want too small or too big of a section. Something like this is what you want. You want enough so that you have something to tease, but not so much that it's overwhelming for the comb to tease through. The section also depends on strand coarseness. The more coarse the strands, the smaller the section you can take. The more fine the strands are, the larger the sections you can take. 

In this demonstration we use the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to section and tease the hair. One of the great features of this comb is that it has a sectioning tail which makes it easy to create clean sections. 

To see this comb, click here. 


2) Inserting the Comb

The Jatai Teasing Pin Comb has a unique pin structure to maximize the teasing capabilities and minimize hair breakage. While holding the section of hair tautly and perpendicular to the scalp, insert the pin bristles into the top of the section of hair. Insert it until it hits the back of the comb. 


3) Creating the Tease

Now this is the fun part. Push the teasing comb down as close to the scalp as possible. This will bring some hairs within the section down toward the scalp. This is what creates the tease. Remove the comb from the section of hair and repeat step 2 and 3 over and over again until you get the desired teased effect for that section. 

Once you feel you have enough tease hair in that section it should look something like this. 

4) The Full Effect

Once you are done with this section, move onto another section of hair, likely right next to the one you just teased. Continue to repeat steps 1-3 until you have the right amount of teased hair for the desired look. 


When you are finished with the sections you want to tease you will likely want to smooth out the outer part of the tease. The Jatai Teasing Pin Comb is also great for detangling. So it works nicely for smoothing out any areas. And depending on the desired look, you may need to use a combination of bobby pins, clips, hairspray or other holding spray to keep the hair in place. 


5) The Aftermath

Everyone forgets the aftermath of having teased, hairsprayed hair. It's messy and hard to get out. The brilliant part about the Jatai Teasing Comb is that it is a great detangler. So whatever tangles it puts in, it will easily take them out. It's best to just wash your hair as you normally would and use lots of conditioner. With damp hair, use the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to remove any remaining teased hairs. 

Now that you know how to tease hair, it's time to get creative and have fun! To see the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb, click here.