When you think of shaving cream you think of that thick white foam that coats your skin. It looks almost like whipped cream but a lot less tasty. As you begin to shave, you either see that cream just slide off with each pass of the razor or it just dries out quickly. While this kind of shaving cream can work, it can be A LOT better. How? Let's take a look at the problems traditional shaving cream has and how you can make shaving a much more satisfying experience. 


1) You can't see what you are shaving

Using thick foamy shaving cream covers up everything. What if you have a mole, irritated areas of the skin, a pimple or other areas of raised skin that probably shouldn't have a razor blade going across it? You need to see what you are shaving. So why do shaving creams lather and foam up? Maybe because it just looks good. It's visually appealing to see something there and then not there when it's shaved. It's also great for advertising photographs and a good marketing tactic. But your safety is important. Because who wants cuts on their face if you've accidentally passed the razor blade over a pimple. No one wants this. A clear, non-foaming shaving cream would be a better choice for shaving because it allows you to see where you're shaving. 


2) Foam shaving creams dry out

Putting foam on the skin can be a fun experience. Again...it's like putting whipped cream all over your face. How is that not fun? Foam shaving creams dry out. And they dry up badly making it difficult to pass the razor over the skin. This means putting more shaving cream on top of that or some water to wet it.


3) Shaving cream clogs your razor

As mentioned before, many foaming shaving creams dry out quickly but this also results in clogging of the razor. Especially with cartridge handles that house 3 to 5 blades on them, the small gaps between the blades can trap the cut hairs as well as dried shaving cream. Because it dries out quickly, it takes more water to rinse the razor blade and remove the dried shaving cream and hairs. This just means extra time spent on shaving and more water wasted. Terrible. 


4) Skin feels dry after shaving

Have you ever noticed your skin feels dry after shaving with a foam shaving cream? It just doesn't feel good. While your skin may feel smooth, it just doesn't feel as healthy as it could. Dry skin can get flaky and lead to pre-mature aging. No one wants that. 

So how do you combat these shaving cream issues? 

Jatai has a great shaving cream that addresses ALL of these issues.

• No foaming so you can see what you're shaving

• It doesn't clog the razor

• It doesn't dry out

• It makes your skin feel healthier


How does Jatai Shaving Cream work? 

Jatai Shaving Cream

The Jatai Shaving Cream was developed and inspired by traditional barbering. You see we've teamed up with barbers who have had over 50 years experience with doing wet shaves and doing shaves in general. They gave us insight into what problems they had with shaving creams. We listened and addressed these problems in our formulation. 

The Jatai Shaving Cream doesn't foam and it's clear so you can see what you are shaving. Have a mole? Easily pass the razor around it or take more caution when shaving over it. But at least you know exactly where it is. 

The Jatai Shaving Cream has a lot of slip and lubrication. The moisturizing agents in the cream don't allow the cream to dry out. This means easier and faster shaving. When you run the razor under water it unclogs faster than foam shaving creams because it's not dried out. 

And no more dry skin. Healthy skin is moisturized skin. With the moisturizing agents your skin is left soft, smooth and hydrated. When skin is dry it promotes wrinkles and dull skin. 

So the next time you need shaving cream, opt to try something different and better. Try the Jatai Shaving Cream. What have you got to lose? See the Jatai Shaving Cream here.