Prom is one of those special moments in a teenage girl's life. It's a day to get all dressed up, wear make-up, have pretty hair and go to a dance with a special guy. It generally only happens once for a girl, so it's important to make sure everything works out perfectly! Since prom season is upon us, it's fitting to talk a little about how to prepare for this special day. 

Picking a prom dress is one of the most exciting parts about prom. The dress makes a statement. It says something about a girl's personality and fashion sense. And it makes her feel beautiful. Picking a prom dress usually requires a lot of searching, but when the right one is found, there's no turning back. A prom dress shouldn't be too revealing. It should be comfortable enough to maneuver in. In general, long dresses are more common and are usually considered formal. Short dresses can still work as a prom dress though. 

The prom dress sets the tone for everything else. If the dress is darker in color, it may be best to go with darker make-up. If the dress is lighter in color, it may be best to go with lighter make-up. In any case, make-up shouldn't be overdone or too heavy. A young girl looks best when make-up looks natural, feminine and just enhances her natural beauty. Make-up should fit the tone of the dress. 

Jewelry should accent the dress. It could be as simple as a necklace and bracelet. Or it could include earrings and rings. But jewelry should be simple. The more simple and plain the dress is, the more ornate the jewelry can be. And vice versa. The more intricate the dress is, the more simple the jewelry should be. Too much of everything can get overwhelming.

When it comes to hair, it can be left down or put in an updo. Luckily, hair can be done at home with some simple tools and hair product. Enter the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb! This revolutionary comb makes getting hair volume easy and stress free. Here are a few ways to get prom ready hair.


Half Up Soft, Romantic Hair

To achieve this hairstyle, first curl all hair. Pull out a couple of curls to flow down the sides of the face. Do not tease these curls. 

Starting from the front of the head, tease small sections of hair only at the root to about a third or half way down the hair section. Don't tease the full length of the hair. Continue taking sections of hair, moving up the crown of the head, away from the forehead. Hair should be teased on the top of the head only. 

Use bobby pins to secure the pomp in the back. Use the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to smooth out the top of the hair so it lays nicely.

On each side of the head, take three sections and loosely twist the sections so that it forms 3 separate curls. Pin each curl over the pomp. 


Fluffy Ponytail

If you want to go for a more fun, casual look, but still super cute. Try this ponytail. It's very modern and chic and pretty easy to do at home. 

To create this look, loosely curl all hair. With the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb, lightly tease all hair (This step will help after the hair is put in a ponytail)

Put hair up in a ponytail, leaving out a couple of strands to flow to the side of the face. Be sure to use secure rubber bands so that the ponytail doesn't fall down. Use the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to smooth out the hair as you put it in a ponytail. 

Once the hair is in a ponytail, take the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb and tease the hair so it has more volume. Hairspray the hair to keep the hold. 


Fun Bun 

This one is simple, yet sophisticated. Most updos are really complicated and require a professional to create it. But some updos can be done at home. A fun bun like this is romantic and soft. 

For this look, tease all hair except for a few strands to frame the face. Softly bring all hair into a ponytail with the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb and rubber band it. The goal is to not make the ponytail tight. The hair should be loose to give that softness. With the hair in the ponytail, tease it more. Now that you have some volume to this hair, softly wrap the hair around in a circle so that it forms a bun. 

Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. 

Prom is a special day for any girl and looking and feeling beautiful is a huge part of a successful night. Give hair a lift, give it some volume and bring life to create prom perfect hair! To complement the prom look and do hair at home, check out the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb