Soft Facial Hair. Say What?

Yeah, those word really don't go together. Soft is meant for pillows, blankets and baby butts. And facial hair, well...that's another story. When we think of men's facial hair we think of coarse, rough and scratchy. All you women out there, you understand. One minute you're fine. Then after a nice smooch your face is red and scratched. But let's not misunderstand facial hair. Men can look amazing with facial hair. It's super manly, sexy and hot. As long as the facial hair is clean, neat and groomed it's not a problem. 

Therein lies the problem. And not just one problem, a number of problems. Men's facial hair can get dirty and hold a lot of bacteria. It can also hold a lot of odors. Eww...smelly beard. Just think about it. After a Korean BBQ dinner those oils just stick to every hair and everything else. Beards need constant maintenance not just for these reasons but also to look more attractive and hygienic. Wild facial hair that grow like weeds in an open field can be a turn off. When hair starts growing up the cheek it's a sign you need to do some trimming. 

Luckily, facial hair doesn't have to be so problematic. First and foremost, you gotta wash that beard everyday. And we're not talking about just rinsing it with water. You need to really lather it up with beard shampoo if your facial hair is a straight on full beard. If it's short and just more of a scruffy look, then a regular facial cleanser should do the trick. This will get rid of all those odors, bacteria and leftover food you dropped in there at lunch. Yeah, there's no saving it for later. 

Beard and Moustache Softener

Next, you need to use some conditioner if you have a long beard. This will help it feel softer and easier to manage when you run a comb through it. 

As far as keeping it groomed, you either have to learn on your own how to maintain it or go to your trusted barber to get it worked on. But this maintenance should be done regularly depending on how fast your facial hair grows. Whether you use a clipper, beard and moustache scissor or a razor to create crisp outlines, you really should invest in the proper tools to tame the mane. This is the most time consuming part. If you can't keep your facial hair in check, you really shouldn't be sporting it because all you are doing is making yourself look like a bum. Is that what you want?

One thing that many men often use to make their beards softer is beard oil. Beard oil can be tricky. Using too much can make your hair look and feel oily or greasy. The oil can trap dirt and odors as well. So you have to be careful with how much you use. Also, oils leave residue which can make your beard feel heavy. 

The better option for softening your facial hair is to use the Jatai Beard and Moustache Softener. It's not oily at all. In fact, it's very lightweight so you don't see it or feel it in the hair. It softens, smooths and controls any unruly hair. The Jatai Beard and Moustache Softener is also fragrance free. This is a huge plus. 

Jatai Beard & Moustache Softener

The Jatai Beard and Moustache Softener along with the other Jatai Men's Grooming products were inspired by traditional barbers to promote healthy skin and hair. Barbers who have been doing shaves and working with beards and moustaches for over 50 years contributed to its formulation. That's pretty awesome! You only need a small dollop as it goes a long way. There's no greasy residue or heavy feeling in your facial hair. Plus, the bottle is TSA friendly at 2oz. so you can take it with you for any trip. 

Your lady will also thank you for it. Her face won't feel like she just rubbed it with sand paper the next time she goes in for a kiss. It's possible to have bad ass facial hair but also soft facial hair. You just need some bad ass product to get it there. 

Check out the Jatai Beard and Moustache Softener. You won't be disappointed.