From Coachella to Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, these days we are not short of festivals to attend. But whatever ones you go to, it's just way more fun to bring your A-game fashion, hair and make-up style with you!

Festivals are not only about music. They are about community, being social, having fun and enjoying life. And when you're around your best friends and meeting new people, you want to look and feel your best. Who knows? You might just meet your dream man! When it comes to style, one way to do this is to maintain your own sense of style. Put YOU into your outfit, hair, nails and make-up. Express yourself with a look that makes you feel confident and happy because confidence is feeling comfortable in your appearance. 

Here are steps to getting that ultimate festival look: 

1) It's helpful if you decide on the look you are going for. Are you going for the bohemian look? The hippie look? The rocker look? The feminine flower child look? Or none of the above? Knowing the 'look' you are trying to achieve is very helpful in deciding everything else. You can get ideas from Pinterest, Google images, magazines, Instagram etc. Ideas are plentiful and everywhere!

2) Once you know the 'look' you want to achieve, seek out clothing that exemplifies this style. Keep in mind, the weather forecast should help you decide as well. If it's going to be super hot, you might not want to wear a long sleeve black top or heavy clothing. Aim for light weight layers as the temperature changes as it gets cooler in the evening. Be prepared. 

Your clothes should also be comfortable to wear. Try on your outfit ahead of time to make sure everything fits fine. The last thing you want is to have a broken strap, material that creates static, clothes that show sweat marks easily or hold odor easily. It may also be a good idea to avoid white bottoms as white gets dirty very easily. 

3) When it comes to shoes, wear comfortable ones that match your outfit...but keep them cute of course! Avoid flip flops or high heels. You'll be in them all day, so keep your feet happy. 

4) Next is the accessories. Jewelry such as bracelets, rings, earrings, sunglasses should be taken into consideration and fall in the same style category you are going for. Keep the same color scheme for your jewelry. So if you're wearing gold, wear only gold toned jewelry and accessories. 

5) Make-up and nails should also stay in line with the desired look. Make-up is always fun when there's a bit of glitter and shimmer involved. Try using shimmery body lotion or body glitter to add fun accents. Make-up should have similar color tones as your outfit.

6) When it comes to hair, plain and boring just won't do. Your hair can really alter the way you look so make sure you take extra time on this one. Create fun, textured looks with braids, headbands, hats, trinkets or even flowers. You don't have to go to a salon to get your hair done. It's easy just to do it at home with a few simple products. A great way to give your hair the ultimate texture and volume is with the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb. It's really easy to use and perfect for taking out that tangled mess afterwards. It has a unique pin structure that's gentle to your hair (won't break them), doesn't produce static and teases like no other!

It's best to use it on freshly washed and dried hair with no product in it and without flat ironing it. You can spray some light texturizing product to get it going. Here are some examples of what the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb can do to create that festival hair look. 


Bohemian Hair


To achieve this look, part your hair with the tail end the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to section off the area that is to be braided. Loosely rubber band this area.

If you want to add trinkets in your hair, be sure you have those ahead of time. 

French braid this section of hair, integrating the trinkets all the way down to the end. Rubber band the hair at the end. 

The other half is easy. Just teas this side for some amazing lift and volume. Start at the roots and slowly move down the shaft of the hair. Don't forget to add some hairspray to keep it in place. 


Feminine Flower Girl Hair


Keeping feminine with flowers is a festival favorite. This look is easy to create. Make your own or buy a flower headband.

Lightly curl your hair. This helps with keeping your hair looking feminine and soft. Then, take the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb and tease your hair all over. Start with the hair around the crown and slowly move down the head. Be sure to spritz it with hairspray or holding product to keep it in place.  


Rock n' Roll Hair


For all you rocker girls out there, keeping it sassy and raw will give you that rock n'roll feel. For this look, tease hair from the forehead all the way down to the top of your head. You want to get that pomp so all the texture and volume needs to be at the top. 

Use bobby pins and hairspray to secure hair from the sides so that it lays flat. Use the comb to lightly smooth the pomp over the top and pin any hairs down. 

Then hairspray, hairspray, hairspray! This hair needs to stay in place and only hairspray will keep it there. 

 As you can see, creating the ultimate festival look can be really fun and being creative is the best part about it! You can do so much with the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb. To learn more about it, check it out here