Wedding Guest Hairstyles You can do at Home

Wedding season is upon us. As the days get warmer and the flowers start to bloom, it's a beautiful time to celebrate the union of two people that love each other. When we think of weddings we think of the bride who will be wearing a beautiful wedding dress with fabulous make-up and hair. But what about YOU, the wedding guest? Are you wedding ready? 

Perhaps you've gotten your dress. Or maybe you just don't have time to find one so you're recycling one. But generally that's the biggest decision of a wedding guest...what to wear. Guests like to look good too. Why should the bride have all the fun? As a guest you want to dress nice, but not better than the bride ;)

When it comes to picking your outfit, first figure out if the wedding is upscale or more low key. There are all kinds of weddings so you want dress appropriately. You also want to find out if the wedding (ceremony and reception) will be indoors or outdoors. Determine if it will be on the cooler side or warmer side. Also, consider the time of day to see how hot or cold it will be. You don't want to wear something short with no sleeves and no sweater if it's cold outside. And make sure you don't wear white. This should be a given. 

When it comes to shoes, most women either wear heels or flats. If the ceremony is taking place on the grass and you want to wear stiletto heels, you might have a difficult time walking on the grass. Get heel protectors to prevent your heels from getting stuck in the dirt and getting dirty. You may also opt to bring an extra pair of shoes for later on when you want to get your groove on the dance floor! 

Jewelry should complement the outfit. The more simple the outfit is, the more ornate and extravagant the jewelry can be. And the more patterned, intricate and detailed the outfit is, the more simple you will want to go with the jewelry. 

Of course, the outfit will be the biggest decision, but you won't do it justice if you don't complement it with the right hair and make-up. Make-up is very personal. Some like to do it more natural while others like to pile it on. How ever you like to do your make-up, a pair of fake eyelashes (or eyelash extensions) and eyeliner will always open up the eyes and a little blush and lipstick will add color to the face. But it would be much better to use concealer, foundation, and powder to even out skin tone and use some eyeshadow to add fun color to the eyes. 

Hair is one of those things that take some time. Many women like to just curl their hair or leave it straight. But what if you could give it a little more life? What if you could do something just a little different and fun but it won't take forever to do? It's not hard to add a little oomph to hair when you have a Jatai Teasing Pin Comb

Here are three different ways you can do your wedding guest hair to give it a little somethin' somethin' but not go over the top! 


Puffed Ponytail

For this look you can either curl your hair or leave it straight. But if you curl your hair, it's probably best to curl more of the ends and not the top. In order to get that smooth, volumized look on top, the hair has to be straight there. 

Use the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb and tease all of your hair at the root. You do not need to tease the hair all the way down to the ends. Probably about half way is good enough. It's best to tease clean hair (no product) that hasn't been washed for a day. It's just easier to tease.

Once you're done, gather all of your hair together and gently use the comb to smooth out the outer layer of hair so it doesn't look like a teased mess. Remove one small section of hair at the base of your head. It should be long because this is the hair that will wrap around the ponytail rubber band.

Wherever you'd like the ponytail to sit, take a hair rubber band and tie the remaining hair in place. It should be tight so the ponytail doesn't fall or drop. Gently use the rattail end of the comb to lift the hair and give it volume around the top of the head. 

Take the long section of hair you left out and wrap it around the rubber band so that it covers it. Use a bobby pin to pin the end of the section into the hair. 

You're finished! If you want to add some curls to the ends, this is when you would do so. Use some hairspray to keep the hair in place. 


Baby Pomp

This one gives just a little lift at the top of the head. Its classy, simple yet refined and so easy to do! First, you can either curl your hair or leave it straight. 

Taking only the top sections of hair, use the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to tease these sections. Just tease it from the root to about 5 inches away from the head. The more you tease, the larger the pomp will be. So if you want a larger pomp, continue teasing. 

Take that teased hair and gently comb over the top layer of hair to smooth it out. Gather the teased hair toward the back of the head and secure it in place with bobby pins. You can use the tail end of the comb to gently lift the hair to give a larger pomp. Hairspray the area to keep the hair in place and tame any frizzy hairs. 


Half Up Pomp

This one is very similar to the last one. However, the pomp is bigger and bolder. For this hairstyle, you would do exactly as the baby pomp, but instead of limiting the tease to the top of the head you would tease the hair on top and sides of the head. 

You can opt to leave out some strands of hair to frame the face. Take the teased hair and gently comb the outer layer to smooth it out as you bring the hair to the back of the head and pin it in place with bobby pins. Alternatively, you can use a rubber band to secure it in place. However, bobby pins will give the hair an overall softer look. Use the tail end of the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb to lift the hair on the top of the head to give it more volume. Hairspray the top of the hair to hold the pomp in place. 

As a wedding guest, have some fun with your hair! Take it to the next level, giving it volume and life. The Jatai Teasing Pin Comb makes it easy to create the looks you want. Click here to see the comb. 

Happy wedding days!