How many times have you curled or straightened your hair at home and ended up burning yourself? It happens ALL the time and it sucks. These tools are HOT and they just seem to be getting hotter and hotter. But we aren't doing anything to protect ourselves from these dangerous tools.

Burns are no joke. Any burn from a curling iron, wand or flat iron can leave a first degree burn. The skin gets pink, raises up and it's typically tender and raw for a while. It's also a bit annoying to have to apply Neosporin and tape it up with a Band-Aid when all of this could be prevented. Or worse, these burns leave permanent scars and your skin is never the same. It's funny how a little prevention goes a long way!

Just like you would use pot holders to move a pot from a burning stove or gloves while pruning the garden, finger protectors should be used when handling hot beauty tools to prevent burns. It only makes sense. You protect yourself from potential hazards so you can get by unscathed. When it comes to curling irons, wands and flat irons, for the ultimate protection choose Jatai Heat Shields. These finger guards are the perfect accompaniment for any hot beauty tool and the protection is solid. Chances are you own and use at least one hot beauty appliance and likely use it regularly, so why wouldn't you protect your fingers from these tools as you would from other dangers?

Let's talk a little about why Jatai Heat Shields are way better than other products that claim to do the same...


No More Gloves


Sometimes wands come with a glove to protect your fingers from getting burned. But let's face it. These gloves are terrible quality. The material is thin so they don't protect well. The glove does not fit well because either it's too big or the fingers are too long making them bulky and uncomfortable to use. And gloves in general restrict and prevent you from doing what you want to do to your hair. So often these gloves end up not getting used at all. Jatai Heat Shields are just finger guards so they don't restrict your fingers or hands, allowing you to use the tools they way you want to.


Handles 450 Degrees F

Finger Protectors

They can handle 450 degrees F which is the highest temperature most hot beauty appliances will go up to. And honestly, there's no need to go higher than this. When worn properly, wearing Heat Shields allow you to literally hold onto a heated tool for at least 20-30 sec without feeling a thing! But chances are you won't be holding onto the barrel for this long. It truly protects. 


Get Perfect Curls

It's very useful to use Jatai Heat Shields with wands or marcel curling irons because these tools don't have an end you can hold with your fingers. Using Jatai Heat Shields when handling these tools allow you to touch the barrel and hold the hair in place. It also helps to curl the ends of the hair because you can hold the hair ends against the barrel making the perfect curl. 


Other Cool Features

Heat Shields are also latex-free and machine washable. They come as a set of 3 finger guards for the thumb, index and middle finger. But they can be interchanged between fingers. Wear them on the opposite hand holding the tool. They also come in two sizes, small/medium or medium/large so the guards fit snuggly on your fingers. 


Not Just for Hot Beauty Tools

You can really use these guards for handling or dealing with many 'hot' things. Try using it with a hot blowdryer, doing electrical work, changing a hot light bulb, sautering or using a hot glue gun. The applications are endless. 

Your fingers matter. You use your hands for so many things and often take them for granted. The least we can do is keep them healthy and protected. Hands are also a part of the body that everyone sees. So it's in your best interest to keep them looking good and presentable.

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