JATAI Trio Shaving Set

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Working with barbers, we've discovered that traditional barbering shaves include great skin care regimens. JATAI has formulated the perfect skin care products for achieving the perfect shave and skin.

Step 1) Use JATAI Daily Facial Cleanser

Step 2) Use JATAI Shaving Cream

Step 3) Use JATAI Facial Moisturizer

Men are starting to understand the benefits of skincare. The most important parts of a great skincare regimen is cleansing and moisturizing. But men have a unique second step and that's the need to shave. For men who like the clean shaven look a great shaving cream is essential for soft, smooth skin. With the JATAI Trio Shaving Set, you get a simple, easy to use system that makes a man's skincare regimen as easy as 1-2-3! This skincare system removes dirt, oils and impurities. It softens, smooths, moisturizes and hydrates skin to keep it healthy and youthful.